Narcissistic Makovers-Do Not Be Fooled

I have heard many stories about the fabled professional deaths and resurrections of narcissists. After they have burned all of your bridges, stolen hours of your life, created maximum stress that leaves you in a chronic fight or flight mode, you hear that the narcissist who completely disrupted your life and almost stole your soul is now flourishing once more—another resurrection. He or she has changed the image once more. Now the narcissist is more low key, looking better physically, more disciplined. He/she appears to be more considerate and oriented toward the needs of others. This is pure act–another ruse, a phony reincarnation that is designed to wipe out his misdeeds, betrayals and destruction to others in the past. Freshly born, the narcissist is ready for another opening night. Many of his past associates who have laid on their swords and been burned are ready to go back into the trenches with him. Such is the force of the narcissistic personality and the proof of his cunning. With their complete lack of introspection and no clues about their inner selves, the narcissist knows exactly how to produce the right bait for those whom he plans to reel in. He is creating another empire–the greatest of all and everyone wants to be on board for the next unveiling. This is narcissistic delusion. This bodes ill for those who throw their destinies in with him once more. He/she will snatch what he wants and must have, even if he has to steal it and impoverish the lives of others. When the curtain falls and everyone thinks he is toast, the narcissist rises from the ashes-a malicious phoenix. To learn to protect yourself from the ruses, exploitations and malevolent behaviors of narcissists, visit my

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