Narcissistic Daddy’s Girls become Narcissistic Spouses

Narcissistic daddies often have favorite daughters. They pick a child who is their special narcissistic supply. Often she is beautiful, full of confidence, bright, an attention getter. From the beginning the narcissistic dad gives this child all of his attention—ignoring his other children. Narcissists are incapable of loving anyone genuinely. But in this case the narcissistic daddy’s girl is the ultimate narcissistic supply. She is the living emblem of her father’s perfect image. She is the prize, the golden girl, the one who is going to make her daddy shine. Sometimes there is an erotic tie between these fathers and daughters. Although there is no explicit sexual behavior between the two, one senses that a relationship that is charged with something beyond plain affection. This union continues throughout childhood. Often mother is jealous of this special relationship and feels hurt and left out. This is a pathological triangle. The narcissistic daughter defers to her father, knowing that she can get anything from him with just a flash of a smile, a tilt of the hip, a tiny wink.

Nothing is lost on these narcissistic daddy’s girls. They grow up and a large number of them become full fledged narcissistic women who victimize their spouses. The repetition has gone full circle. We now have a rampaging narcissistic female spouse making her husband’s life hellish. She is demanding, controlling, openly cruel, vindictive, demeaning. She constantly humiliates her husband and when she can’t get what she wants (which is everything) she returns to daddy, makes nice and nicer—and bingo—She’s gets exactly what she wanted and more. This pattern continues all of her life. She leaves many broken hearts and marriage behind her without a pinch of conscience or a backward glance. Protect yourself from narcissistic daddy’s girls. Research and learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth. Visit my

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