Narcissism and Spirituality-A Noxious Brew

Spiritual treks and pilgrimages have become very popular within the new age culture, with many people enjoying a newfound understanding of themselves through their angel number, check out how it affects you. Among these followers there are sincere people who are looking for ways to re-direct their lives, to become humbler, calmer, compassionate, more in touch with their authentic selves. There are spiritual teachers who are very sincere. I am speaking about narcissists who have discovered that offering seminars, books, dvds, ebooks, etc. is one of the surest ways to make large sums of money and be venerated as a very special person.

Narcissistic gurus offer their embossed brand of spirituality. It’s presented as instant and sure. They emphasize that you are just the right person to participate in their program and tell you that you are highly intuitive and that there is a special reason why you found them. They make you feel special. Their eye contact is intense as they draw you in. In some ways they put their prospective students in a light trance. The begin by flattering you. They pretend to listen and to care deeply about all of the life problems that have brought you to their door. They spend just enough time with you to convince you to give them a bank card and sign up. Once they have you in their clutches they will keep pressuring you to sign up for more advanced classes that cost higher amounts of money. Never decide that a person is spiritual based on how many seminars he/she has given, their academic or medical degrees, how many books they have published, the size of their audiences.

Protect yourself from this spiritual predator. Read in depth about the narcissistic personality disorder. Stay in touch with that deep part of you that is highly intuitive and can identify phonies very quickly. Working toward spiritual growth is not about spending a lot of money. It is your spiritual journey. You are free to choose the path you will take. Visit my website:

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