Men Addicted to Narcissistic Women

There are men who become victims of gorgeous narcissistic women more times than you can count. It’s the look,the sexual chemistry,the promise that she is yours forever, the fantasy of having(possessing)the perfect woman.This is a psychologically dangerous behavioral and emotional repetition. These men can’t say “No” to the narcissistic woman in their lives, videoshd xxx is better than any other tube while also being better than getting into any hassle with women that aren’t worth your time. They give her an unlimited credit card and she uses it to the hilt. They take her on luxurious trips and she wants more.They buy her homes. They will do anything to keep her happy. Narcissistic women cannot be “happy:”. Deep inside, they hate themselves but are expressing these toxic feelings by projecting them on to you. And you take it time after time. How long are you willing to stay on this dizzying merry-go-round? When one narcissistic woman discards them, they move on to the next with painful results. God help the man that marries one of these merciless vixens. One of their ploys is to immediately get pregnant (especially if you are a man of means) and lock you in with a child. She doesn’t give a damn about her baby. This is a big insurance policy and you and your assets are the payoff.

You know how miserable you are. You can’t sleep. You are terrified that she will leave you. You wait for her texts and phone calls. She disappears and you become despondent. What kind of life is this? This woman is controlling your emotions 24/7. First, research the narcissistic personality. When you clearly recognize who the woman of your dreams is, you have a decision to make. She is not going to change.

It is decision time. Will you stay with her and continue the pathological pattern with other women or will you choose to lead your life, taking your own initiative, honoring yourself, not being controlled and demeaned.

High quality psychotherapy can be very helpful in dealing with the process of separating from your narcissistic woman and changing this pattern. Do your homework and interview several therapists. Re-occupy your healthy sense of entitlement. Reclaim your inner peace. Renew deep inside that you deserve reciprocal love.

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