Married to a Narcissist—Your Not His One and Only

When we marry someone we make a serious commitment to be loyal to them as a mate. That means not stepping out to have affairs, trysts, one night stands, etc. Narcissists are never true to any one person, especially a wife or husband. This is impossible for them since they feel entitled to sleep with, seduce, possess anyone they choose. They respond to their impulses and instincts regardless of their formal marital state. Marriage for a narcissist is like a business deal. They often choose a mate who will take them to the very top of social and business connections, being constantly in the spotlight. Narcissists are deceptive in every aspect of their lives. They lie reflexively, effortlessly. They are believable in their perfidies. Lies fly out of their mouths automatically. They have practiced deception and subterfuge all of their lives. Why would they be different in a marriage.

Some non-narcissistic spouses put up with this kind of betrayal throughout the marriage, thinking that the husband will change. This is not the case. Narcissists are a fixed personality disorder. They are entitled to do whatever they want. And guess what they get away with it most of the time! They break all of the rules, even when it hurts their spouses and children deeply They are selfish and completely incapable of empathy. Before you get deeply involved or married to a narcissist, research this severe personality disorder. If you are already married to a narcissist you may have to think seriously at some point about severing the relationship. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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