Lawsuit Narcissist Kings/Queens

Some narcissists use lawsuits as a form of communication. Say “No” to a narcissist enough times by word and/or deed (especially when you are right and telling the truth) and if you refuse to comply to his outrageous demands, he/she will sue you. The narcissist must always get his way. There are narcissists equipped with small armies of attorneys who are ready at any time to initiate a legal suit against their “enemies.” Narcissists are infamous for hiring legal experts who will find the precise loophole that they can use to destroy your valid case against them. When you try to fight this, they threaten to counter sue, knowing there is no way that you cannot afford to lawyer-up sufficiently to win your case. This is a stark injustice but true.

Limit your interactions with narcissists. This is quite a challenge; we live in a world populated by a growing number of these personality disorders. Assess if the narcissist you are dealing with has a history of initiating unjust lawsuits. Learn how to skillfully identify the narcissistic personality so you know the kind of individual you have on your hands. If you must respond to a narcissist through the legal system, be sure that your attorney is not only highly experienced in a specific area of the law, but in addition has solid knowledge of and experience in dealing with narcissistic personalities. Visit my

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