How Many Times Will You Be Re-Cycled by the Narcissist

For thousands of years women have been used, abused, cycled and re-cycled by narcissistic men. They are girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, first wives, second wives, third wives, etc. ex-wives. A narcissist will use you any time you are of benefit to him for varieties of reasons. Maybe you have access to money–your own or through your family. Are you highly visible socially and well connected. Do you have high prestige as a professional. Are you beautiful. Do you have a prominent family. Are you dependent on men and willing to do anything to make them happy—even compromising your entire life. I hear these stories all of the time and it is heartbreaking.

Narcissists are super exploiters—They don’t have relationships with women–They use them to the hilt at every opportunity. Many woman know this but are beguiled by a particular narcissistic man and the lifestyle that he promises. Do you realizes that while he is slathering it on thick with you, he is thinking of several other women on whom he will use this same script. Yes it is like being in a play. Narcissists never take the feelings of others seriously. They don’t care if you are hurt and abandoned. You—Unique You– are easily replaceable to the narcissist. As long as he looks great, is potent, feels money flush, and is turning heads and getting ahead and toppling others in business–that’s all he cares about. This is the raw truth about the narcissist. Once you know this, take it to heart and spare yourself a lot of suffering.

Lead the life that you deserve. Choose a man who is up to your standards–someone capable of love, affection, emotional intimacy. Strengthen yourself so that you are not inclined to fall for this kind of infantile, selfish, deceitful man ever again. I wish you the very best. I have faith in you. To learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality disorder in-depth, visit my website:

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