Don’t Let Narcissistic Spouse Psychologically Detour Your Life

Narcissists are always seeking what they want and must have. They zone in on people who will get them to the winner’s circle. Whether it is money, power, sexual attraction, stealing your creative ideas—the narcissist is always there to take from you. Narcissists are craven–They feed off of others. It is part of their nature to bring you into their psychological sphere with their charm, promises and allure, to use up all that you have to offer and then to disregard you. This is an all too familiar pattern. It is important to understand that no matter what they promise—whether it is material comfort, financial stability, making your dreams come true—they will in the end fail you and worse they can make your life a living hell day and night. This is as predictable as phases of the Moon. It ‘s only a matter of when the dark side of the narcissist will show the horrific side he has hidden from you. Often there are hints even in the beginning. You will notice the need to control you, to want everything to look perfect–including you. You will observe the demands that the narcissist makes on other people whom he intimidates.

If you stay with the narcissist you are in some way taking a detour from your own life. Some spouses manage to create a zone of detachment around themselves for protection. But is this an authentic, loving relationship?

Those who decide that they must lead their own lives, grow psychologically and emotionally on their own terms and expand their creative gifts in freedom, take the step toward divorce. This can be daunting since narcissists are very clever at hiding assets, blaming everything that went wrong with the marriage on you, and telling relatives and friends outlandish lies about you. Those who believe them are not your supportive relatives or your friends. Nevertheless, I have seen many partners make this decision and move through the process of freeing themselves. They have endured and prevailed. They are now directing their own lives and discovering that they are moving forward toward greater individuation and the use of their creative gifts. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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