Don’t Go Over the Falls for a Narcissist

Narcissists watch out for number one–themselves. Remember, in the back of their minds they know they can replace you with someone else. They have those in reserve who worship at their altar. Narcissists are incapable of emotional intimacy. They are highly gifted at playing the role of the deeply caring, highly engaged and smitten partner. In the early stages of a romance, the dice are hot. They are feeling very attracted to you and it is mutual. This is the chemistry phase which is very exciting and addictive. Having a handsome, compelling, bright, seductive narcissistic man come on to you like you are the most precious living thing on the planet is an absolute thrill that reverberates throughout your system. You become obsessed with being with him all of the time. And you interpret that the feelings are mutual. For a while they might be. But this is transient for the narcissist. Once the pull of the initial sexual chemistry has run its course, he is going to move on. The problem is that you have fallen in love with this man and want to share your life with him. You are willing to do anything to keep this ecstatic mode going. Meanwhile, he has cooled off. You are in denial because you are not aware of the duplicitous nature of the narcissistic personality. I have heard too many life stories of women (and men) who are caught in this spiral of obsession. They become psychologically fused and forget that their own life matters.

I say don’t go over the Falls for a narcissist. Pull yourself back from the edge before you have to go through the suffering that these individuals cause by simply throwing people away. Remember they are incapable of love. You are—-and are entitled to have a genuine, intimate emotional and psychological union with someone who is worthy of you. To protect yourself, study the narcissistic personality in-depth. Visit my

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