Divorce Narcissistic Spouse—Rediscover Your Sense of Self and Use of Your Creative gifts

Making the decision to divorce a narcissistic spouse can be wrenching even after you can identify this person as a severe personality disorder who is not going to change. Chances are, once you have had this realization your first thought will be ‘How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce‘ because you’ll be desperate to escape any future manipulation once you know how susceptible you can be to it.

However, it’s important not to rush things when getting divorced as there are a lot of important decisions to be made during a divorce, which will ensure your future security. In many cases, there are shared financial resources, residences, and other possessions that will require division. Correspondingly, it is almost always worth researching ‘divorce lawyers near me‘ online to track down an experienced divorce law specialist in your area to guide you through the legal side of the process. In most cases, a narcissistic spouse will always lie about his true assets and often conceals them when serious talk of divorce fills the air.

Consequently, make sure you choose an excellent attorney, similar to this dallas divorce attorney, who understands the ruthless games of the narcissist, their no limits attitude and lack of conscience and of course their incredible acting skills. Be prepared for the plots and plans, their pity and martyr roles. Follow their assets with a microscope. In some instances forensic accountants are hired to get to the bottom of what the narcissistic spouse has hidden. After the final papers are signed and the divorce is a reality, the non-narcissistic spouse is left to put back together his/her lives.

After the narcissist the spouse who has been through an emotional and psychological roller coaster ride and has sustained great stress and trauma goes through a process of rebuilding the self. For years and even decades your life has been dictated by the controlling narcissist. In effect you were a prisoner of your marriage. The narcissist made all of the rules and you were expected to obey. Your life was overshadowed by this highly pathological human being.

Now that you are free, you may find yourself going through a period of adjusting to making your own decisions and rediscovering your creative gifts. For other spouses , they move into first gear very quickly—they are prisoners who have been waiting for the gates of freedom to open. These individuals began to bloom and thrive. They discover that they have great amounts of energy. They feel their freedom. They discover that they feel great making their own decisions. They experience joy in recovering their great creative gifts from the past and finding talents that they didn’t realize they had. This is a process of restoring your life.

There is a freedom with other people. You can express yourself spontaneously, create new meaningful relationships that are supportive and healing. Some of those who divorce narcissists begin healing practices of yoga and meditation that result in deeper healing and a sense of peace. The sense of a solid self is built on a firm foundation of knowing who you are and accepting and loving yourself. There are so many reports of those who free themselves from narcissistic spouses that are inspirational and bring light into our lives. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my website:thenarcissistinyourlife.com

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