Detoxification and Self Renewal from the Narcissistic Mother

In this post I am speaking about the psychological and emotional detoxification and self renewal from the narcissistic mother. The first step is the recognition and awakening by the child that this individual is a narcissistic personality disorder who will not change. This realization often occurs in adulthood and is a difficult realization. The child cannot believe that his/her mother can be so cruel and cold and dismissive of someone so close to her biologically. In the next stage the child of the narcissistic mother goes through a process of releasing and cleansing many emotions—loss, anger, rage, regret, guilt and many others–as part of the process of healing. In the last phase the child separates and individuates from the parent and is-identifies from this person. In this phase there is a re-discovery of your unique identity, creativity, energy, stamina, intellectual curiosity. Engaging yourself with the world of Nature if one of the great pathways to healing. Practices such as gentle yoga, guided meditation, meditation, the support of close friends will allow to steady your mind and to develop a sense of deep inner peace. Here’s to your full recovery. Visit my

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