Depth of Narcissistic Abuse is Devastating

Victims of narcissistic abuse–spouses, children, siblings–so often feel that they are not being heard despite all they have suffered over many years. I often read and hear the refrain: “They don’t get it.” They are saying that other people even in their own families do not understand the depth and malevolent cruelties that have been perpetrated on to them. When the narcissistic mother, father, sister, brother, in-law is in a public venue, even in the family home, he is acting like a prince–very well mannered, at your service, butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. This is the external burnished image that the false self narcissist has perfected. Most people believe that this is the real person. It is definitely not. Behind closed doors when others are not watching, the real monstrous aspects of the core of this personality disorder are revealed. They are horrendous–screaming fits that never stop, intimidations and accusations that set your ears rings, humiliations that make you want to hide in a corner and never leave, threats that are believably horrific “I will leave you with nothing; you will end up on the street. I will ruin you professionally and personally. I am just the person who can and will do this to you.” Hearing this and sustaining these bombardments every day is intolerable to the victim.

Never underestimate the psychological, emotional and financial damage a narcissist will do. If you continue to take this abuse, remind yourself that it is wearing you down, that you don’t deserve it, that the image of a “perfect family” doesn’t mean anything next to the truth—-You are being victimized by a seriously disturbed narcissistic personality disorder. Learn to put yourself and your welfare (and that of your children if you have them) first. You can separate and break free from the narcissist. Many benefit from quality psychotherapy. Make sure that you choose someone who is clinically highly qualified and empathic. Find a few friends you can count on. Make your plans in advance and keep them confidential as to how you will sever this non-marriage or non-partnership or non-familial relationship. You can become whole again. The creative, evolving part of you has been waiting a long time for you to say “Yes” to freedom. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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