Custody Battles with Narcissists–Not About the Children

When the narcissistic spouse realizes that he is going to have to divide up the assets, he is in a fury and will find every way to take revenge. One horrendous plan is to seek custody of the children and continue a battle and series of skirmishes that can go on for over a decade. I have seen this happen. If he has the money and assets on his side he is well lawyered up. Be prepared for this battle beforehand. Choose the best attorney you possibly can. Make sure that this person understands the narcissistic personality. Your soon to be ex-husband doesn’t give a damn about the children. They have always been part of his image or narcissistic supply. Now—he rides in on a white horse and decides that he is “perfect dad.” He convinces some of your friends that this is the case and bad mouths with despicable lies. Those who believe his lies should not be a part of your life. Create a support system you can trust and count on. Don’t be intimidated. Learn as much as you can about the narcissistic personality—This is power! You will rise to the occasion. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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