Come Back from the Brink–Separating from Narcissistic Husband

Those who have been married to a narcissistic husband for a few years are beginning to feel the psychopathology of these individuals more keenly each day. You may still be fooling yourself and that happens to so many people, but the chinks of light are finally coming into your eyes. You are feeling the psychological stings and blows of being married to someone who expects you to be perfect, who constantly lies to you, who is likely to have another relationship going although he is married to you, who is secretly paranoid, who is filled with envy when you are successful, who goes into infernal fits of rage over the tiniest matters and who completely lacks empathy. Slowly you are wearing down and after decades with this man, you feel literally sick of this arrangement. He is the Taker; you are always the Giver and it is never enough for him.

Bring yourself back from the brink. Acknowledge that you are married to a serious character disordered personality who cannot and will not change. You will never be treated with respect or be able to lead your own life. Understand the narcissist’s true nature and you will bring yourself back from the Brink. When you do, congratulate yourself. You now feel entitled to lead your own life, form healthy relationships and pursue your dreams and develop your creative gifts to the fullest.

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.

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