Children of Narcissistic Parents—Empathic

After all of the various “hells” connected with their up-bring, children of narcissistic parent(s) are often very empathic. They have suffered so much under the dominance of a grandiose false self, self absorbed, emotionally unavailable narcissistic parent. Yet—Surprise–They are capable of understanding on a deep emotional level what another human being is suffering. They can put themselves in this individual’s place. I have seen this so many times in emails, by direct contact, in their writings, etc. Many of these children were able to make a clear discernment of the true nature of the narcissistic parent. Some were fortunate to have access to the non-narcissistic mother or father who gave them the love and affection they needed and deserved. However, there are instances in which both parents were narcissists. This is truly remarkable and commendable. These children fought all the way to maintain their individuality, their capacity for compassion, the ability to see through the delusion of the narcissistic parent and the vow that they would not travel the narcissistic road. We take heart and hope in these living examples of kind, empathic, psychologically grounded human beings. To learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth, visit my

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  1. I am so happy to read this, yes mine too are the same and yet i have a very very strong sense of individuality, moreover i get clear voice inside telling me something that is about to happen, which many call premonition , earlier i thought no one would believe me if i tell them i get a lot of premonitions, but now i know what exactly it is, the distressing part is though that when something bad happens i feel it inside body, like the syrian conflict? The rise of isis? i have had innumerable dreams people being uprooted, storms and dust storms uprooting strong trees etc and i actually go very sick psychosomaticaly, now i have a strong feeling that the world is going to move to healing of the conflicts it has had and suddenly i am feeling at more calm. It scares me how i feel things that i am not even connected to. I always have premonitions of disasters and get strong panic attacks. Now that i know what it is i am at least able to learn more about it to handle it and learning to switch off my empathy. Like now whenever i get an overwhelming sense of what’s going to happen i tell myself this is your empathy you need not panic and it works. This is quite overwhelming to feel every bit of things inside the belly and heart and back of the head, but now on i will concentrate to channel this energy rather than feeling numb or frozen with overwhelming emotions. I have come to read all your posts and it has tremendously helped me understand my true being my core, and yes i am a classical indian dancer and singer and i have an aim to pursue my higher studies in these subjects in order to come to developing healing techniques for people through them. It breaks my hear to see so many people dying, going after power lust and losing the touch of human in themselves either through sorrow or through this power lust. And i think since we as children never get the emotional touch we instinctively learn to nurture our selves emotionally and since children are naturally attuned with themselves that ends up in developing strong emotional understanding and intelligence because the only emotional nourishment we receive are from ourselves hence we know how to generate emotional nourishment without an external support. Isn’t that beautiful? I am happy to embrace this part of myself.

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