Child of the Narcissist—Never Had a Parent

“The child of a narcissist must endure that he never had a real or loving parent. The mother or father that they revered and cherished was a counterfeit: on the surface, beautiful, handsome, charming, bright; on the inside, cold disingenuous, enraged, empty. Many children of narcissistic parents struggle throughout their lives to obtain the love and acceptance their mother and/or father failed to provide. They suffer from the endless flicker hope that now or tomorrow or next year this mother or father will be different—capable of love.” (Quote from: Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life)

Children of narcissists are searching for the love they never received from their parent(s). Many blame themselves that they weren’t perfect and therefore were unable to obtain the nurturing that they needed. They feel inadequate inside and incapable of moving forward. These adult children don’t have access to their unique creative gifts because their time as children was taken up by the narcissist parent who siphoned off all of the energy and attention for himself. Children of narcissists are often distrustful of others and tend to isolate socially. Some are too trusting and needy and end up becoming involved with narcissistic personalities. Children of narcissists often choose the wrong partners or spouses, repeating in their current lives what they have suffered as children in the past.

Learn to recognize that your life has intrinsic meaning. You are not responsible for having narcissistic parents. You have survived and this is a great achievement. I have been in communication with many children of narcissistic parents who are highly empathic individuals. Work on your healing—looking down the road at the life in front of you. This destiny belongs to you. Take it in your hands and reach high, deep and wide. Recapture your life, appreciate your lovely uniqueness. Visit my

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