• I received many valuable insights from my consultation with Dr. Martinez-Lewi that helped me while I was divorcing my narcissistic husband. I am healing and moving forward with my life. Thank you so much–Leslie H. (Teacher), Amherst, MA
  • Dr. Martinez-Lewi immediately understood the ordeal I have been through with my narcissistic sister. She listens very intently and has great empathy. Her insights are clear and right on the mark. I recommend her highly.—Jennifer W. (Writer), Philadelphia, PA
  • My consultation with Dr. Martinez-Lewi was so helpful that I have changed the way that I think and feel about myself. I am breaking free from the pain of being raised by narcissistic parents. Now I can be myself and its great.–Irene H. (Programmer), Portland, ME
  • Linda’s book is a “must read” if you are married to a narcissistic spouse. I have learned so much about the real nature of the narcissist. I feel empowered and inspired by this book. —Nutritionist, Austin, Tx
  • Thanks to reading Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life, I have the right tools to identify narcissistic personalities quickly and keep them out of my life.—Writer, Boulder CO
  • Dr. Martinez-Lewi has written one of the finest books on the narcissistic personality that I have ever read. She writes very clearly and explains through examples the many masks and deceits of the narcissist. I have re-read her book and underlined valuable insights she offers about the inner world of the narcissistic personality, what makes them tick and how to deal with them. This book is fascinating and informative.—Entrepreneur, Montauk, NY