Terms of Service

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D. provides consulting services over the telephone to specifically assist those who are dealing with individuals in their lives (spouses, partners, family members, business associates, friends) who have a narcissistic personality disorder. She assists clients by listening intently, asking specific questions and jointly developing successful strategies for dealing with these individuals.

Telephone consultation is not psychotherapy.  Martinez-Lewi is trained in psychotherapy but does not engage in the practice of psychotherapy with her telephone consultation clients. A telephone consultant does not treat psychological or psychiatric disorders. For specific diagnosis, treatment and course of action for mental or physical health problems you should consult a licensed mental health professional who can discuss your psychological and physical symptoms that are of concern to you. In entering into the consultation relationship you are agreeing that if any mental health difficulties arise during the course of the consultation relationship, you will notify Linda Martinez-Lewi immediately so that she can discuss with you obtaining appropriate mental health care from a licensed and qualified psychotherapist.

It is agreed that a standard time for our telephone consultation is one hour for a fee $100.00 for each one hour session. The consultant calls the client at a prearranged time and telephone number.

The information you share with Dr. Martinez-Lewi will remain strictly confidential unless (1) You give written specific permission to release the information or (2) If you report to me, or I have reason to believe, that you are the perpetrator or victim of child or elder abuse, I am obligated by law to report it to the authorities. (3) If you indicate that you intend to hurt or kill yourself, or someone else, I must act to notify any potential victims and the authorities. Be aware that legal privilege may not apply to consultation; in other words, consultation records may be able to be subpoenaed. Some means of communication, such as wireless telephones and e-mail, may not be secure from eavesdropping, so if you agree to their use you are indicating your agreement to utilize a communication medium that may not be confidential.

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Telephone Consultation

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