I appreciate your visiting my website. I am committed to helping you deal with the narcissists in your life, past and present. Narcissistic personalities, whether they are mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses or ex-spouses, cause psychological and emotional pain that affects your daily life.

Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life, a successful and noted book, offers you a deep understanding of the true nature of the narcissistic personality: the games they play, their chronic lies, hidden psychological agendas and how their deeply ingrained character traits negatively affect you emotionally and psychologically. Learn about the narcissistic personality in-depth and discover how to successfully deal with these personalities so that you will rediscover, heal and reclaim your true self. 

I offer Telephone Consultation (international) to clients who are going through complex and painful ordeals with narcissistic personalities. My consultation helps the client to understand the narcissist in-depth, how his/her behaviors are affecting your life and how to find skillful and positive ways to resolve specific issues with them. I am committed to your sense of well being, the evolution of your true self and the use of your many creative gifts.  

Visit my blog which is a comprehensive collection of in-depth posts on the many facets and aspects of the narcissistic personality.



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