Telephone Consultations

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D. provides telephone consulting services to specifically assist those who are dealing with narcissistic personality disorders in their lives (spouses, ex-spouses, children, siblings of narcissists. She helps clients by listening intently, developing an understanding of their specific issues and ordeals in dealing with a narcisistic spouse or ex-spouse, narcissistic mother and/or father, narcisssistic sibling or other narcissistic family members. Dr. Martinez-Lewi works with the client direct in developing effective successful strategies for dealing with narcissistic abuse, past or present. She has been providing professional consultation for those who are and have been victimized by the narcissistic personalities for a number of years. She helps the client to recognize that they are not to blame and assists in understanding the true nature of the narcissistic personaity which is a fixed characterological disorder that is unlikely to change. She has helps numerous clients to emotionally and psychologically separate themselves from the narcissists in their lives. As a result clients are free to move forward to experience inner peace, activate their creative gifts and to discover that they are can form genuine, loving relationships with individuals who are psychologically healthy.

The charge for consultation is $100 for a one hour session. To schedule a telephone consultation please email Dr. Martinez-Lewi at with your contact information including telephone number and she will schedule an appointment. Prior to scheduling an appointment, please review the Terms of Service by clicking the link below.


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